Psychic Phone Readings

New Zealand Psychic Phone Readings

If you're looking for phone psychic readings in New Zealand, welcome. Here you will find gifted and compassionate psychics ready and willing to assist you. Some will be available 24/7, ready and willing to help bring you clarity in all situations. Others work during certain times and on certain days from their homes, shops and businesses.

Tarot Reader and CardsBooking a Psychic versus instant connection?

There are different ways to have a reading performed over the phone. Select services will have several psychics on call ready to talk 24/7. Psychics that work individually will need to be booked, sometimes months in advance, due to their popularity. So, what then is the difference? When you call a service for a psychic phone reading, you will normally be charged a per minute rate. This may be done in different ways from using a 0900 service through to paying by credit card. Often there is a minimum charge for billing which may include up to and including ten minutes of time. A standard fee for this type of reading is $4 per minute. You may be able to book a reader in advance by visiting their online profile, or you may have one randomly assigned at the time you call. Individual psychics that offer face to face readings may also provide a phone service. Psychics of this nature offer set length appointments. One hour is commonplace, however shorter and longer sessions may be available. Prices will vary greatly between each practitioner. This may be due to demand and popularity, or simply how they value their gifts. An hour session can range anywhere from under $200 to $400. Not many individuals are able to offer on demand phone readings and as such you’ll need to book online or by phone in advance.

Why get a Reading?

A phone reading by a psychic can help you find your path. It’s a great way to get answers regarding questions you have and may include those relating to life, love and relationships, career, and health. Clairvoyants have gifts of helping people find clarity and direction, which can prove both emotionally and spiritually rewarding. If you are seeking valuable insights on any topic, a reading may prove truly helpful.

Why choose a phone reading over in-person?

A practitioner’s psychic abilities can work whether you are across a table in the same room or over the phone. Aside from personal preferences, there are a few reasons why some choose to talk over the phone. Some in the community feel free to express themselves more openly over the confidentiality of a phone line. They can ask what questions they desire without feeling any level of discomfort. The option of a 24/7 line is not only handy for some, but a necessity for others. As people work different times and days, along with all of life’s other commitments, it’s not always easy to squeeze in a reading. This can be especially true when a session may run for an hour or more with your local or expo based face-to-face reader. There are many options available for you to consider though if your preference is a face to face psychic reading or you are not sure which to choose.

Who you’ll find?

Gifted and trusted psychics and services from throughout New Zealand. These practitioners work as individuals or service providers, and all bookings are made directly with them. We do not advise on who to choose, or which option to take. Our gift to you is to share which Psychics are available for phone readings so that you may make informed choices. Trust your own instincts, and we hope that you visit us again soon.