Psychic Readings

There are gifted individuals all around the country ready to share their gifts with you through psychic readings.

Psychic Readings in New Zealand

When you're ready to book a reading with a NZ Psychic, look no further, we are here to help. There are many trusted and respected professionals that have been performing psychic readings for many years.

Things to consider when choosing a psychic reading

You could trust your instincts and let the universe guide you. You can also arm yourself with a bit of knowledge and make an informed choice. The decision is yours to make. If it’s your first time, I suggest you learn a little first so that you know what to expect from each and why.

Do I have to visit a Psychic to get a reading?

In modern society, we all use many different forms of communication. From phones and apps, to video conferencing, email and in person. Psychics are no different. They can perform readings at distance, which allows them to use all forms of communication. This is very handy considering some of the events taking place around the world and so many having to self-isolate. Each Psychic does differ though in how they choose to communicate. A few offer email readings, some video chat, and many do phone readings. Choose an individual that offers the type of service you would like.

Are all Psychics the same?

No, they each have their own unique nuances and approach. Yes, some are very similar, but no two readers are the same. They are gifted with various abilities and this will translate to different styles of readings. If you are questioning why, just consider any other profession. Doctors, lawyers, Psychologists. They each do the same courses at University and have the same qualifications, yet their approach is always different. This applies to any trade, profession and work. You’ll also find some take a special interest in certain areas and up-skill so to speak.

What sort of Psychics are there?

There is a wide range of psychic abilities, but we’ll stick to the basics and cover those most used by practitioners.

Psychic Mediums

Mediums connect with spirit and share messages from those that have passed over.


A Clairvoyant is the clear seeing psychic. People with the gift of clairvoyance receive impressions visually. Did you know that all Mediums are Clairvoyant, but not all Clairvoyants are Mediums?

What topics can I cover during a Psychic Reading?

Life, love, family, business? The simple answer is anything you are seeking guidance with or clarity on. You may wish for assistance with a separation or divorce, or with future relationships. You may feel as though you are not living your life to its true potential.