Are you looking to expand your horizons?

Healing & Psychic Workshops

Have you ever wanted to learn how to read tarot cards? Perhaps study Reiki and all it has to offer? There are gifted individuals throughout the country that share their time and energy with others. Workshops and courses are held both online and in person, on weekends and in the evenings. They cater to those all who are ready and willing to learn.

What workshops and courses are available?

Each practitioner will have their own set of knowledge and gifts that they are willing to share. Not all are the same, and the style and courses that are available will vary. Some have a focus on healing through Reiki, Chakra and Crystals just to name a few. Others will have a more psychic focus and choose to assist you in realising your own potential. There are courses for beginners right through to achieving master level. Where you start and where you choose to finish is your own journey to consider, but there are some excellent options available.