How much does a psychic reading cost in 2020?

How much does a psychic reading cost in 2020?

If you’ve never had the experience of visiting a psychic in NZ, you may be wondering what is the cost of a psychic reading? It is cheap or expensive? Do certain types of readings cost more?

The prices for having a psychic reading vary between $120 and $400 an hour on average. We say on average as not all Psychics offer sessions of one hour in length, so the costs have been averaged out.

Where do these prices come from?

We have visited many psychics in New Zealand and noted the costs of each. We have also taken down the price of psychic lines which charge by the minute and calculated the average cost over an hour.

An hour was chosen as the base, as this is the most common length of in-person readings.

Reading TypeLowestHighestAverage
In-Person Reading cost per hour$120$380$233
Phone Reading cost per hour$120$380$253
One Question Email Reading$25$35$30
  • The above table was last updated 18/3/2020

It is common for phone and online psychics to charge around $4 per minute which averages out to $240 per hour, so slightly lower than the in-person average.

As you can see, there is a wide range from lowest to highest and the costs depend on:

  • The experience of the Psychic
  • How well known the Psychic is
  • Where the reading is held (In Person or at an Expo)
  • How much demand there is for a reading

It is worth noting that the cost does not seem to vary between communication styles. So a Psychic will charge the same price for a face-to-face reading as what they will an online reading or psychic chat.

How to find out how much each Psychic costs

Each Psychic will have a range of services and the associated costs online at their website (if they have one). Whilst there may not be a dedicated page with a simple list, you can determine the prices using an online booking form. At one of the first steps you will need to select the service type, and at this stage the price will be displayed.

Where can I find a cheaper reading?

At this stage, some of you may be thinking that the outlay for a session is fairly high. And surely there are cheaper psychic reading options available, right? If you’re set in this train of thought, you do have another choice.

That is to visit one of the many Psychic and Spiritual Fairs and Expos taking place throughout the country. There will be a small entry fee upon arrival, however the cost of a session can sometimes be substantially lower. As an example, one recent fair was charging $20 for 15 minutes, with several psychics available. That works out at $80 for an hour, which makes it a very attractive alternative. And whilst you’re there you can check out a range of products and services from exhibitors centred on health, well-being and the spiritual.

Always Evolving

You’ll find this page fluid and always evolving as we add more gifted individuals and services. So if you’re ever wondering how much does a psychic reading cost, be sure to visit us again. We would love to have you back.

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